Monday, 23 July 2012

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Philosophy, Durham University, UK

Applications are invited for the position of Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Philosophy, Durham University. The post is associated with a three-year research project entitled “Hearing the Voice”, which is supported by a Strategic Award in the Medical Humanities from the Wellcome Trust. The project will investigate the phenomenon of voice-hearing (hearing a voice in the absence of any speaker). Usually interpreted as a sign of severe mental illness, voice-hearing figures in the experience of a wide range of people, including many who do not seek psychiatric help. The Hearing the Voice project aims to achieve the fullest possible account of this experience by examining it from a range of perspectives including philosophy, literature, theology, psychology, cognitive neuroscience, psychiatry and the medical humanities. The project involves researchers from all three faculties of Durham University, along with clinicians, academics and experts-by-experience from national and international partner institutions.

This post, one of a number associated with the project, will be tenable for three years, from 1st October 2012. Working closely with Professor Matthew Ratcliffe, the post-holder’s principal responsibility will be to research the phenomenology of voice-hearing and address associated philosophical issues, in ways that engage with neuroscience and other disciplines. The research fellow will produce high quality philosophical publications on voice-hearing and closely related topics, most of which will be interdisciplinary and/or collaborative. He/she will also attend a regular project reading group, present papers at project events, and work with several other members of the research team to organize events, co-edit publications, and assist in the development of on-line resources.

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