Monday 19 April 2010

AAPP Bulletin

The latest issue of the AAPP Bulletin is up on Christian Perring's website  here

It features a symposium on Allen Frances’ Critique of DSM-V, with contributions by
Michael A. Cerullo, M.D.
S. Nassir Ghaemi MD, MPH
Elizabeth Whitham, BA
Grant Gillett, M.D.
Donald Mender, M.D.
Aaron Mishara, Ph.D.
James Phillips, M.D.
Douglas Porter, M.D.
Claire Pouncey, MD, PhD
Tim Thornton, Ph.D.
G. Scott Waterman, M.D.
David P. Curley, Ph.D.
and a response by
Allen Frances M.D.

(I see that we missed one last year. Tish!)