Wednesday 24 October 2007

Journal acceptances and rejections

Having finished books this year and last (the co-authored Oxford Textbook of Philosophy and Psychiatry and a single authored Essential Philosophy of Psychiatry), I’ve decided to concentrate on writing papers for a bit. It means I can be rather more flexible in subject matter and it means that the proof reading and amateur copy editing stage is more ‘little and often’. So far one paper - ‘Why the idea of framework propositions cannot contribute to an understanding of delusions’ - is due to come out in Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences and another, on idiographic judgement, is being considered by Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy.

But, of course, submitting papers to journals brings with it inevitable rejections. I’ve just had a pure philosophy paper on McDowell and Wittgenstein turned down which is hard not to take personally. So I need to look at the reasons for rejection and think whether to resubmit it to the same journal (they expressed mild interest in that) or another. But it’s best to put it to one side for a couple of days first to get a bit more objectivity.