Tuesday, 2 June 2009


I’ve mixed feelings about the prospects for research this year. Some things I’d written before have now come out. That includes the PPP special issue I edited with a couple of papers I drafted myself (it carries a 2008 date although it came out in March this year):

(2008) ‘EBM and evaluativism’ Philosophy Psychiatry and Psychology 15: 175-8
(2008) ‘Values based practice and reflective judgement’ Philosophy Psychiatry and Psychology 15: 125-133

My locally co-authored paper came out (back in January):
Thornton, T., Shah, A.K., and Thomas, P. (2009) ‘Understanding, testimony and interpretation in psychiatric diagnosis’ Medicine, Healthcare and Philosophy 12: 49-55
Sad to say, Phil Thomas has now retired.

My eccentric commentary for the AAPP came out (before some of it came out again in the PPP issue mentioned above) with the benefit of a reply:
(2009) ‘Constitutive evaluativist externalism (Commentary on Zachar, P. and Kendler, K. ‘Psychiatric Disorders: A Conceptual Taxonomy’)’ Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry Bulletin 15: 9-12

As I reported previously, a WPA commissioned book chapter was published last month:
Thornton, T. and Fulford, K.W.M. (2009) ‘Philosophical Perspectives on Health, Illness and Clinical Judgement in Psychiatry and Medicine’ in Ihsan M. Salloum, I.M and Mezzich, J.E. (eds) Psychiatric Diagnosis: Patterns and Prospects, Hoboken: Wiley: 15-27

Perhaps more interestingly the paper I managed to give four times at conferences last year is out in Matthew and Lisa’s book:
(2009) ‘On the interface problem in philosophy and psychiatry’ in Bortolotti, L. and Broome, M. Psychiatry as Cognitive Neuroscience, Oxford: Oxford University Press: 121-136

I’ve given four invited talks at small conferences / workshops:
‘The everyday uncanny and the Sassian project’ (invited speaker) Philosophy of Psychiatry, St Cross College, University of Oxford May 2009
‘The everyday uncanny and the Sassian project’ (invited speaker) AHRC Workshop: Emotions and Feelings in Psychiatric Illness, Durham March 2009
‘Constitutive evaluativist externalism’ (invited speaker) AHRC Mental Disorder Workshop, Warwick March 2009
‘Constitutive evaluativist externalism’ Philosophy of Psychiatry Workshop, Lancaster January 2009

The research bid proposal I’m writing with Richard Gipps looks pretty good. Odd how long it has taken to get it right. The tacit knowledge book proposal is now with a publisher.

But there really just doesn’t seem to be enough time to think about possibilities properly. Having never had one, I could use a sabbatical, I guess.