Sunday, 25 January 2009

Psychiatric taxonomy #2

A while back I mentioned writing a commentary on Peter Zachar and Kenneth Kendler’s (latter pictured) suggested conceptual framework to assess psychiatric taxonomy for the AAPP bulletin. That is now out with a reply by Zachar and Kendler to a number of commentaries though I’ve not yet had time to digest it but will report back.

More surprisingly, Thomas Szasz has agreed to write a reply to Brendan Kelly’s ‘portmanteau’ paper with this author list: BD Kelly, P Bracken, H Cavendish, NCrumlish, S MacSuibhne, T Szasz, T Thornton. We still have to find somewhere to publish it, of course.

PS. Cancel that. With the thought that ‘I doubt that the American Journal of Psychiatry would publish it if I were one of the authors (or even if I was not)’ TZ has pulled out. Oh well.