Wednesday, 19 March 2008


Further to the last round up, I've heard yesterday that Medicine, Healthcare and Philosophy will publish my co-authored paper ‘Understanding, testimony and interpretation in psychiatric diagnosis’ after I made substantial changes to it at a referee’s insistence. In truth, I knew the section deleted was no good. My colleague Natalie Banner had pointed that out earlier in the drafting but, as happens too often, I liked the text and found it hard to get rid of it until forced.
I’ve seen a first review of Essential Philosophy of Psychiatry in the popular magazine Mental Health Today. Accessed via the web it is classified as ‘Reviews - favourable’. But I have to declare that it was written by Matthew Broome (pictured above), a good friend and fellow McDowellian.

I must get back now first to finish editing an issue of PPP on Values Based Practice and then to writing a pure philosophy paper on McDowell.