Wednesday, 3 August 2011


I think that I am now on top of all writing except for finishing my book on tacit knowledge to which I will now devote myself exclusively.

Two draft chapters on explicit and tacit knowledge are now with an editor of a book on endovascular surgical techniques.

A review for Current Opinion in Psychiatry on ‘Recent developments for naturalising the mind’ is now in production.

A chapter on ‘Clinical judgement and tacit knowledge’ for Bill Fulford’s Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Psychiatry is with him for the review process.

My paper from Paris last summer on ‘Radical liberal values based practice’ is in production with the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice.

After some problems in the review process the paper ‘Delusional atmosphere, the everyday uncanny and the limits of secondary sense’ was accepted for Emotion Review although sadly Lois described it as a ‘pointless paper’.

After rather less difficulty ‘The recovery model, values and narrative understanding’ was accepted for the OUP collection The Recovery of People with Mental Illness. For some reason, however, whilst fiddling with it in the review process, I realised that it is overly burdened and hedged about by qualifications. I suspect I wrote it too slowly.

My contribution to the Association for the Advancement of the Philosophy of Psychiatry Bulletin, ‘Why taxonomise anti-psychiatry?’, rashly written on the day of the call for papers, is no doubt waiting for other contributions to come in with a little more thought.

There is no news at all about ‘Why teach the philosophy of mental health?’ submitted ages ago to the Journal of Mental Health Training Education and Practice.

Finally, ‘Capacity, mental mechanisms and unwise decisions’ is out in Philosophy Psychiatry and Psychology18: 127-32

Quirkier things. Paul Hoff told me at our UCLan INPP meeting at Manchester a year ago that a paper I'd written five years ago (‘Facts, values and meanings’ (invited speaker) Zürcher Symposium für Klinische Psychiatrie Zurich March 2006) will actually be published in a translated collection in Swiss.

I hear that my paper ‘Mind and World as transcendental anthropology?’ (invited speaker) McDowell, l’esprit et le monde, McDowell, Mind and World Amiens October 2007 will also come out in a collection with a reply from McDowell. Given that - as was pointed out on this blog by Paul Witcombe - it contained a glaring error that I never changed, I am a bit embarrassed by this.

Having cleared the decks, I have been invited by Yvonne Bonner to submit a paper the oldest Italian psychiatric review RSF (Rivista Sperimentale di Freniatria). She says with disarming candour: "I do hope you will accept as I do believe Italian readers would probably discover an interesting philosopher that they haven't come across yet." But would they even probably discover an interesting philosopher?