Thursday, 16 June 2011

Changes to Collins and Evans' Periodic Table of Expertise

Harry Collins writes:

For the better part of a year we, at Cardiff, have been mulling over the Periodic Table with a view to creating a 'second edition' but we weren't intending to say anything much about it.

Events at S5, however, particularly the contribution of the Argumentation theorists, made it sensible to have a short unscheduled discussion of it. The result was that everyone agreed that some additional categories were sensible but people were unsatisfied with the rearrangment that had been suggested. So I have put up some of what emerged on the website [HERE] in the form of a PowerPoint presentation.

We throw this out for discussion and nothing sudden is planned. Modifying the PTE is a serious thing and we won't do it for a good while and then only after long discussions and only if widely thought necessary.

In due course we will also put up an account of SEESHOP5 and something about 'The Campaign for Real Argument'.