Tuesday, 26 April 2011

International PhD Scholarship

International PhD Scholarship

School of Health

Reference No INT-061Thornton

Applications are invited for a full-time scholarship available in the School of Health. The scholarship is tenable for up to 3 years for a PhD (via MPhil route) [subject to satisfactory progress] and is open to international applicants only. UK/EU applicants are not eligible to apply. The scholarship will provide £15,000 towards the cost of the International tuition fee over 3 years.

Project Title: Understanding delusion

Project Description:
This project aims to bring philosophical resources to bear on the problems of understanding delusion.

There has been much recent philosophical work developing models to explain and perhaps understand particular delusions (eg Capgras, Cotard, Fregoli). The aim of this PhD project, however, is not directly to contribute to that debate by building or refining such models. Instead it aims to examine what other philosophically grounded resources are available for understanding the subjects who have delusional experiences. It aims to explore the possibility of a middle ground between, on the one hand, the mainstream philosophical approach which tends to play down the bizarre and sometimes disturbing experiences of severe mental illness and, on the other, a pessimism inspired by Karl Jaspers about any possibility of empathy in such cases.

The project will draw on recent research in the philosophy of mental health carried out by philosophers, clinicians and service users, including published work by the main supervisor, to connect philosophical analysis of meaning and experience with models of understanding.

Applicants should have, or expect to receive a qualification equivalent to a high class UK honours degree.

Informal project related enquiries may be directed to Tim Thornton email tthornton1@uclan.ac.uk Tel 01772 894646

Application Forms can be found at: www.uclan.ac.uk/studentships

Completed application forms should be emailed to researchdegrees@uclan.ac.uk

The closing date for applications to the Graduate Research Office:
Friday 13 May 2011 5pm British Summer Time

Proposed Interview Date: 31 May 2011