Thursday, 2 September 2010


I have just heard that the now renamed paper co-authored with my colleague Peter Lucas: On the very idea of a recover model for mental health has been accepted after a stern initial review by the Journal of Medical Ethics.

My paper on Psychiatric explanation and understanding in the European Journal of Analytic Philosophy came out a month ago or so.

‘Capacity, mental mechansisms and unwise decisions’ has entered the production phase with Philosophy Psychiatry and Psychology.

More interestingly, I am working on a co-authored paper with Victor Dura-Vila and his sister Gloria (although my contribution has been slow so far) on capacity for a more practical journal. This might actually be quite interesting.

I am also writing (in some sense of that present tense) a chapter on ‘Clinical judgement and tacit knowledge’ for Fulford, K.W.M et al (eds) Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Psychiatry and ‘The everyday uncanny and the Sassian project’ for a special issue of Emotion Review.