Tuesday, 1 June 2010


I’ve just heard that the paper I wrote for Psychopathology with the snappy title ‘Narrative rather than Idiographic Approaches as Counterpart to the Nomothetic Approach to Assessment’ is out now electronically. It is based on a talk I gave way back in November 2007 in Berlin and finishes my business with idiographic understanding.

I submitted the paper from last week to the Journal of Mental Health Training Education and Practice. They warn me that it will not be out before December even if accepted. That was based on the Lancaster conference from April.

I am still waiting – not impatiently! – for the European Journal of Analytic Philosophy paper on psychiatric explanation and understanding, due out any time now.

My paper – co-authored with Peter Lucas – on recovery is still under review with the JME.

Still to come, sometime ( / ahead this year!), are:

(forthcoming) ‘Capacity, mental mechansisms and unwise decisions’ Philosophy Psychiatry and Psychology

(forthcoming) Thornton, T. and Schaffner, K. ‘Philosophy of science for psychiatry for the person’ (Special issue on Conceptual Bases of Psychiatry for the Person) Psychopathology