Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Having just submitted the paper I wrote with Peter Lucas to the Journal of Medical Ethics I have had a quick look at my cv and realised that little has moved on.

The paper I wrote for Michael Loughlin on clinical judgement in the context of the Dreyfus versus McDowell debate has now come out in the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice and I am interested to know what that journal’s readers make of it. Far too late in the day I asked one of the authors of the original ethnographic investigation of anaesthesia on which I drew (Andrew Smith from Lancaster) whether I had traduced their work and was relieved to be told: ‘No, you've got us just right!’

(2010) ‘Clinical judgement, expertise and skilled coping’ Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 16: 284-291

Brendan Kelly’s portmanteau paper on Szasz came out in the end.

(2010) Kelly, B.D., Bracken, P., Cavendish, H., Crumlish, N., MacSuibhne, S., Szasz, T. and Thornton, T. ‘The Myth of Mental Illness fifty years after publication: What does it mean today?’ Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine 27: 35-43

I've just finished a draft paper on psychiatric explanation for submission to the European Journal of Analytic Philosophy. And that, I think, is it. No word either of my Psychopathology papers, nor on ‘Mind and World as transcendental anthropology?’ which must be a bad thing. I must try to make time to work on some straight philosophy this summer.

PS. Wow that was quick: only a day or two later I heard that psychiatric explanation paper was OK although the editors have raised a number of points I might want to think about and take account of.